Nathaniel Adams


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Commissioning a new work


    I believe the basic idea that drives most of my artistic output is collaboration. Whether it's joining voices together in a choral setting, sitting behind the piano, conducting an ensemble, or writing something brand new, collaborating with others creates the majority of the joy in music making.

     One of the most satisfying and interesting methods of collaboration is through a custom commission. I've been commissioned with no guidelines at all, or with a specific duration, voicing, length, and text in mind. Both ends of this spectrum provide opportunities for creative music making, from both myself and the commissioning patron. 

     If this process interests you, and if you're interested in creating a brand new work, let me know. You might have a specific ensemble in mind, but even that isn't necessary - I have many projects that are just ideas, waiting for the right patron and artistic partner. 

     Any questions at all about the process of commissioning, fees, artistic collaboration - please don't hesitate to contact me here, or at